The Law and Life of Phillip Carey

Phillip Carey's Many Passions By Quanisha Collins Phillip Carey, a Read more

Bankroll Bird—A Name You Will Not Forget Even If You Try

Justin Beasley, well known as Bankroll Bird, is an Read more

World traveler brings theatre to life in Greensboro, N.C.

World traveler brings theatre to life in Greensboro, N.C. Vanita Read more

Photo Buff Turns Hobby into Profit and Fun

 Photo Buff Turns Hobby into Profit......and Fun Many people start Read more

Profesora de Espanol anima a los estudiantes a buscar oportunidades

Profesora de Español anima a los estudiantes a buscar Read more

The Law and Life of Phillip Carey

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Phillip Carey’s Many Passions

By Quanisha Collins

Criminal Justice

Phillip Carey, a criminal justice professor at North Carolina A&T State University, is more than just a teacher. Carey wears many hats as an attorney, teacher and student.

Carey received his bachelor’s degree in history and sociology from Atlantic Union College and later earned with his juris doctorate at the University of Tennessee.

From a young age, Carey knew that he wanted to be a lawyer; however, he always envisioned himself practicing corporate law. After practicing corporate law, he found that it was not all that he thought it would be. Carey shadowed a friend who practiced criminal law and fell in love. In fact, criminal law is what brought the young attorney to Greensboro.

“I like [teaching], I’ve always liked it,” says Carey, adding that is what led him to A&T. While working in Greensboro, Carey heard that the university was looking for someone to teach criminal procedure, applied for the job and has been here since 2007.

Like in any profession, the professor has his dislikes about his job. Students need to be engaged in their learning, “It’s difficult to get some of them to read independently outside of class. It makes the discussion hard in class because they don’t have enough background to really ask more advanced questions,” he says. Read more

Bankroll Bird—A Name You Will Not Forget Even If You Try

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Bankroll Bird

Justin Beasley, well known as Bankroll Bird, is an up-and-coming artist out of Charlotte, N.C. He has contacted by labels such as  Interscope and Atlantic Records. The release of his upcoming EP, “True Story,”  excites fans all around North Carolina and other areas. It has been said that the release of the EP will determine his ability to make XXL’s Freshmen Class. Aggie Press contributor Aseanti  Thompson recently sat down with Bird to get an inside on who he really is and what his music means to him.

THOMPSON: Hey, how are you Mr. Bankroll Bird?

Beasley: “I’m alright, doing better that my previous days so that’s always good.”

THOMPSON: I’m going to start this interview with this, where did you get the name Bankroll Bird?

Beasley: *Laughs* “Well, my brother Nick named me Jay Bird when I was younger and played basketball because I had a really good jump shot and was fly on the court. I then changed my name to Bankroll Bird in 2010 because I was getting money at the time and I told myself music was what I wanted to make my money doing.” Read more

World traveler brings theatre to life in Greensboro, N.C.

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Vanita Vactor

World traveler brings theatre to life in Greensboro, N.C.

Vanita Vactor, Ph.D., an associate professor of theatre at North Carolina A&T State University, has played many roles within her career.  From being involved with high school theatre to receiving her doctorate at New York University, Vactor has enjoyed acting, directing and other positions over the years.  In 2012, Vactor directed a production at NC A&T called “Knock Me a Kiss,” a play about the life of the well-known W.E.B. Du Bois and his family. “This show was a huge hit,” said Vactor, who has bigger plans for more shows to come. Aggie Press contributor Mario Daye recently caught up with Vactor to learn more about her and her career.

Daye: What are some new productions that you are working on for NC A&T?

Vactor: I’m currently in preparation to direct a murder mystery in the spring.  I never directed a murder mystery and this play is called “The Death Trap.”

Daye: Why did you choose to direct this play?

Vactor:  Well, we have a list of plays that we do over a four year period and the play that we were scheduled to do was a mystery.  I remembered seeing this play when I lived in New York-it was a very popular play, and I thought well what the heck.  It might be fun to do.  I hope people have fun watching it. Read more

Photo Buff Turns Hobby into Profit and Fun

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Donald Webster

 Photo Buff Turns Hobby into Profit……and Fun

Many people start their own business with the hope that it will become a profitable. Meanwhile, others, like Donald Webster, start their business simply because their gift is their passion.

Webster, 50, is an upbeat photographer with the desire to capture, for his clients, the most memorable moments such as graduations, weddings, and even basketball games. Webster, of  Raleigh, N.C. , works as a health care support analyst during the day. The regular nine to five does not stop Webster from pursuing his passion in photography. Clients schedule their photo shoot or event with Webster weeks in advance.

As an avid fan of North Carolina State University’s basketball team, Webster takes pride in being a photographer for the university’s cheerleading team. Whether he is on the sidelines or in the crowd, Webster photographs throughout the entire game.

Webster hopes to continue to develop his craft as a photographer through his experience. Webster photographs models, party-goers at local night clubs, and families. Webster makes himself available to his clients, but also makes time for his wife and children.

Webster has been married 26  years and has two adult children. Despite his busy schedule as a photographer, he still makes time for his family.

Aggie Press contributor Victoria Eaton recently caught up with Webster.

Read more

Profesora de Espanol anima a los estudiantes a buscar oportunidades

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Profesora de Español anima a los estudiantes a buscar oportunidades

Jonathan Tittle is a Spanish professor at North Carolina Agriculture and Technical School. He is a North Carolina native who never thought teaching Spanish would be what he is doing today. Before becoming a Spanish teacher, Tittle’s favorite language was French, which kindled his passion to learn more foreign languages.

In his early college years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tittle majored in English, but found an interest in Spanish. He then double majored in French and Spanish. Tittle received his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  Now, in between teaching classes, he applying to multiple university doctoral programs.

Aggie Press contributor Jazzmin Wood  recently met  with Tittle to discuss his career as a Spanish teacher.

Wood: When did you first realize Spanish was something you wanted to pursue?

Tittle: I never thought I would teach Spanish, but I got experience teaching English as a second language in Chile and then Spanish in my undergrad.

Wood: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Tittle: When students become interested in the language and show when they are learning . It’s always gratifying, of course, when they want to continue with the language.

Wood: What is the most challenging part about teaching a different language to students?

Tittle: I would say maybe some issues with focus; the students get off task or maybe don’t have much motivation since it is a lower-level class. Also, for a lot of students, it is required; so many students are interested they are just there because they have to fulfill the requirements. Read more

To Be Young, Gifted and Someday Famous and Rich

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To Be Young, Gifted and Someday Famous….and Rich

Since childhood, Demonte Anderson has always been a hard worker to earn his own money. Now as a young adult, Anderson of Charlotte, N.C. plans to  start his own business and become a powerful CEO.  Along with his love for business, enjoys music and says that

Demonte Anderson

becoming a DJ could also become part of his future. He currently is a member of the musical group OGOD in  Charlotte.  Anderson says the group is making a name for itself in the rap industry, and that he may eventually become its  official DJ. Aggie Press contributor Alexis Harper recently spoke with Anderson about his life and future.

Harper: Tell me about yourself.

Anderson: I’m tall, I like to eat and I like making money.

Harper: What are your strengths?

Anderson: Being positive and peaceful. Another strength of mine is being handsome; it got me through high school.

Harper: What are your weaknesses?

Anderson: Not being able to care about many things.

Harper: Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

Anderson: I don’t care what career path I take, I just want to be rich. When I was in school, my major was marketing. Read more

Millenium Is New Beginning for Bass

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Millenium Is New Beginning for Bass

Kevin Bass of Millenium Productions in Atlanta.

From his days as a high school jock playing sports and being part of the band, Kevin Bass often thought of owning a production company. Today, the evidence of Bass’ dream is his production company, Millenium which handles the production of everything from exercise videos to weddings. Bass, 55, is proud of his work and unafraid to step out the box. He makes sure that he puts his all into every piece of work he produces, and believes in setting goals, no matter how large.  Aggie Press Contributor Kaila Rucker recently spoke with the Atlanta-based Bass to learn more about his firm.

Kaila: How did you come up with the name ‘Millenium’?

Kevin: Somewhere I saw that ‘Millenium’ spelled with one ‘n’ meant a new beginning. Life was beating me down and I was looking for a new start. Hence the name Millenium.

Kaila: When did you start getting involved with film production?

Kevin: People ask me this question all the time. My dad had an 8mm movie camera. It was a great camera, but didn’t record audio. He filmed every birthday, vacation, Christmas, and sports event I was in. When I was 7 years old (1967), my dad let me shoot some footage of him playing tennis. I loved holding the camera, focusing and recording the action. My dad also showed me how to splice film together in order to tell a story. Read more

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Friday, January 30
February One Celebration

Ezell Blair Jr., (Jibreel Khazanl), and David Richmond Jr. in January 2014 at the memorial service for Franklin McCain.

oin N.C. A&T for the 55th Sit-In Annual Anniversary Breakfast Celebration, Friday, January 30, 6:00 a.m. at the Alumni-Foundation Event Center. On February 1, 1960 in Greensboro, North Carolina, four A&T freshmen students (Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., (Jibreel Khazanl), David Richmond and Joseph McNeil) walked downtown and “sat-in” a the whites only lunch counter at Woolworth’s and refused to leave when denied service. These four young men forever changed the course of history by their bravery and courage.

Members of the A&T Four in 2013.


Breakfast – 6:30 am – The Alumni Foundation Event Center
Program – 7:00 am – The Alumni Foundation Event CenterLaying of the Memorial Wreath – 9:00 am – February One Monument
Conversation with the A&T Four – 9:30 am – Academic Classroom Building Auditorium

Aggie Alum Enjoys Ability to Capture It All

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Aggie Alum Enjoys Ability to Capture It All


Who has the ability, seemingly,  to always be somewhere at the right time?

Jarrelle Harris, a photographer and A&T alum seems to fit such a category.

Harris has been in the right places since his early passion for photography developed. He has since turned this passion into RelnicePhotography, a local business that caters to Aggie alumni, or anyone who wants a photo shoot.

“I’ve always enjoyed photography, not only as hobby either,”  he said. “I always wanted to capture the moment. Early in my educational career, I was always that guy with a camera through middle, to high school, to college, and now present day.”

Aside from becoming a freelance photographer at 16, Harris decided to join the yearbook staff in high school and at A&T.  In addition to his passion for photography, he wanted to stay local to provide a photography business for A&T alumni and others with A&T roots. Harris also wanted to shine light on the Blue & Gold Marching Machine. Harris mentioned his roots with the B.G.M.M.: “I served on the drumline all four years of my undergraduate career.” Harris was hired as a Third-Party photographer for A&T’s marching band in the fall of 2013.

Read more

The NXLevel of Business

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NXLevel of Business

Hercules Conway

Dennis Newton

Hercules Conway and Newton Dennis, members of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, saw a  need in the entertainment industry while at North Carolina A&T and went for it. They started Nxlevel Entertainment in the fall of 2005 on A&T’s campus. They started their company because most parties and events were “low scale.”  So on Saturday Aug. 25, 2005 these guys threw an upscale event where no athletic gear, T-shirts or athletic shoes were allowed. The event ,“Get Down Town,” was the start a movement to steer away from the usual parties where attendees failed to impress.  

Conway and Dennis have expanded from just throwing upscale parties such as the annual Black and White parties. Now they host Nxlevel events in larger cities and have expanded their brand to include Nxlevel Travel and Nxlevel Music. Nxlevel Travel has planned trips for reunions, families, anniversaries and more.  Nxlevel also hosts a spring break trip in Miami each year.

Harold Baldwin, an Aggie Press contributor, recently caught up with Conway and Dennis to discuss their business and passion.

  Read more

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