Hot Off The Press: Aggie Fest 2015

Aggie Fest 2015 Line-Up By Emani Terry Aggie Press Contributor "Aggie Pride Read more

In My Own Words: #DEARME

#DEARME — What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? By Read more

In My Own Words: #Scandal

The Necessary Episode By Mariya Moseley Aggie Press Contributor  For the first Read more

Effort to End Food Desert Nears "Home Stretch"

Efforts to End Food Desert in Northeast Greensboro Gain Read more

#ThrowbackThursday: Grammy's 2015

Gold Grammy's, Meet Black Culture By Erin Cagler Aggie Press Copy Read more

Hot Off The Press: Aggie Fest 2015

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Aggie Fest 2015 Line-Up

By Emani Terry

Aggie Press Contributor

Aggie Fest 2015 Line-Up

Aggie Pride is nationwide” and will spread like wildfire across the streets of Greensboro once again.

SUAB Instagram PostOn March 12, 2015, the Student University Activities Board (SUAB) at North Carolina A&T State University dropped an unannounced Instagram post that invited students to a spontaneous reveal of the music artists expected to appear in the concert for the next big Aggie celebration known as Aggie Fest 2015. The post stated, “Aggie Fest Concert Release Tonight @9PM in from of the Cafe be there and repost follow @aggiefest15.”

“I just happened to be scrolling on Instagram and saw the post about Aggie Fest, not knowing they would release the names of artist coming to Aggie Fest, and [SUAB] pretty much pulled the same stunt as Beyoncé and Drake,” said one NC A&T student.

Aggie Fest is the annual spring festival that is just as live and filled with pride as the Greatest Homecoming on Earth!

The return of the Aggie Fest Spring Concert entitled, “Trial College: Music Festival,” is in conjunction with UNCG, Guilford College, DLC, and will be quickly be sold out as NC A&T invites August Alsina, ILOVEMAKONNEN, and Dej Loaf to Aggieland.

In My Own Words: #DEARME

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#DEARME — What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

By Aleigha Hamilton

Aggie Press Contributor


Teenage years are tough, and in honor of International Women’s Day, YouTube is encouraging women to create a #DearMe video, spreading wisdom to their younger self and to inspire young girls all across the world. This is NOT your typical “Dear Me” letter, and according to Aleigha Hamilton, “It’s time to be real and connect with the youth rather than spreading generic motivational messages.”

In My Own Words: #Scandal

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The Necessary Episode

By Mariya Moseley

Aggie Press Contributor 

Mariya Moseley

For the first time in my history of watching the hit ABC series “Scandal,” I was completely speechless during most of  last night’s episode.

Typically, my “Scandal” night involves snacks, live tweeting and yelling at the screen during its’ outrageous moments.

However, after the first scene, I instantly knew that this episode was going to be different.

This episode vividly depicted the image of African-American males being stereotyped and racially profiled in America by police. And, throughout the televised drama, the image of a teenage black male laid in a pool of his own blood while his agonized father vented his rage, fear, pain and heartbreak. Read more

Effort to End Food Desert Nears “Home Stretch”

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Efforts to End Food Desert in Northeast Greensboro Gain Momentum

By Bonnie Newman Davis

Aggie Press Adviser 

Dozens of Greensboro residents, civic leaders and members of  Greensboro City Council gathered at Laughlin Memorial Church last night to discuss the Renaissance Community Co-Op grocery store’s opening later this year.

Bouyed by a successful online fundraising operation that netted the organization $16,0001, which included international donations, the promise of $250,000 from Greensboro City Council and recent publicity from broadcast journalist Bill Moyers, the meeting’s atmosphere was congenial and festive.

Goldie Wells and John Jones discuss the RCC's meeting agenda.

Goldie Wells, president of Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice (CEEJ) and founder of Concerned Citizens of Northeast Greensboro, assured the audience that the Co-op is forging ahead and that she is ready to purchase fresh cantaloupe once it opens.  John Jones, another RCC member who moderated last night’s meeting, added that although the store will be organic, he may have to see that it sells a few “neckbones.”

Surveying the crowd, Wells said the effort to renovate the former Winn Dixie grocery store on the corners of Phillips and Woodbriar Avenues “has been a long journey. It takes the citizens to do it. It lets them know you are concerned about this.”

Wells added that an email from a city official states that she has a “handshake agreement” that the requested $250,000 will be on city council’s calendar for the first of April.

Literature distributed throughout the evening provided detailed information about the Co-op and urged everyone to use the hashtag #fullyfundrcc on social media. Read more

#ThrowbackThursday: Grammy’s 2015

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Gold Grammy’s, Meet Black Culture

By Erin Cagler

Aggie Press Copy Editor

2015 US Music Grammy Awards Show

Beyoncé sings "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" at the 57th annual Grammy Awards

The Staples Center in Los Angeles was the place to be on Feb. 8, 2015, if you wanted to celebrate some of music’s top records of the past year.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards presented a night of laughter, shock, memorable performances, and millions of people tuned in to see if their favorite artists would win a grammy. Hip-hop rapper Kanye West almost let us relive his infamous 2009 “Beyoncé did it better” moment, President Barack Obama addressed the issue of sexual violence, and Sam Smith stole the show by winning four Grammy’s—especially since these are his first four grammy awards.

However, the most important moments of the night were the somewhat silent ones. Read more

#ThrowbackThursday: A Sweet Exchange

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Chocolate with the Chancellor

By Shira Simmons

Aggie Press Contributor

Chocolate with the Chancellor

Many times, students have questions, comments, and concerns about every aspect of their educational experience, and it seems impossible for conversation to ignite between cabinet members and the student body.

Students, concerned with a lack on-campus appearance by Chancellor Harold L. Martin, voiced their concerns during a meet-and-greet with the Chancellor and his cabinet last month in the New Academic Classroom Building at N.C. A&T. Student ambassadors presented questions and concerns on behalf of their constituents, and many of the concerns were related to parking, campus aesthetics, and construction.

“I wish I could close down Benbow road and make it a pedestrian only zone,” said Robert Pompey, vice  chancellor for business and finance. “At most schools in the UNC system, you have to park on the outskirts of campus and ride, or park and walk throughout the campus…so we are leaning toward becoming a more pedestrian friendly campus.”

When asked about the purpose and May 1 opening of the Aggie Dome, Pompey said, “Yes, the Aggie Dome is our temporary food hub, which will have Chic-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Aggie Wings and some new Asian cuisine, and we did experience some problems with securing the contract for construction.”

Also discussed during this event was Preeminence 2020, and this is a list of goals and achievements that A&T seeks to achieve within five years. A&T hopes to improve on becoming a top choice for students in the UNC system and a premiere choice for students desiring to pursue doctoral studies.

“We have made steady progress, and we are most definitely proud that we are growing, but we have a heck of a lot more to go,” said Chancellor Martin.

Hot Off The Press: Greensboro Sit-In History

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International Civil Rights Center & Museum Celebrates Sit-In History

By Kristen Shipley

Aggie Press Assistant Editor

Panelists active in 1960 protests in Greensboro

From left to right: Clarence Henderson, Alretha Gilbert, Betty Jones-Wall, Brenda Dalton, Charles Best, Ernestine Purdell take a photo with Assistant Editor Kristen Shipley

Restaurants, movie theaters, buses: what do these places all have in common? People sitting.

In present-day society, can taking a seat be a form of protest? History says yes.

Downtown on the first Friday of February, the Greensboro Civil Rights Museum hosted a panel to celebrate the ancillary of the Greensboro sit-in movement, which began when four college freshman from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat at the Woolworth restaurant counter to protest segregation. Six Greensboro community members, who joined the sit-in protests in 1960 shared their stories from the sit-in movement and how it felt to live during a time period of racial segregation.

Brenda Dalton James, a students at Dudley High School in 1960, led the discussion, and as a member of the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E), she said that she was unafraid to be involved in the protests. Read more

Don’t Fear, Opportunities are Near!

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The Search for the Internship

By Zayia Williamson

Aggie Press Contributor

Crosby Hall

With the summer only month away, college students are in disarray.

Internships are opportunities that many college students believe to make or break their future, and while some individuals are set and well on their way to securing their dream internship, a large number of students are not.

Mainstream organizations are extremely desirable to college students, offering hands-on experience and the chance to network with industry professionals; however, due to the demand for students who have previous experience within their field of study, the remainder of students have become more and more discouraged.

The question that many students ask is: “How will I ever be able to grow if no one gives me the opportunity?”

What these college students do not know is the key element needed to catch the eye of internship recruiters is within their scope of vision. Read more

In My Own Words: Campus Parking

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Campus Parking Massacre

By Jessica Springs

Aggie Press Contributor

Jessica Springs witnesses an accident while walking to class and attributes the incident due to the lack of available parking.

Every day students struggle to park on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University, and due to the increase of construction—in an effort to create more on-campus food selections—the fight for a parking spot has only gotten worse.

While some students’ option to drive may come as a pure luxury, it downright necessary for other students to drive to campus to attend their classes.

And I am one of those students. Read more

The Role of A Journalist

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What is the role of a journalist in modern society?

By Bonnie Newman Davis

Journalist and Journalism Educator

Brian Williams

Brian Williams

The last week has been filled with headlines about journalists Brian Williams, David Carr, Bob Simon, Lester Holt and, Mr. ‘Fake News’ himself, Jon Stewart.

Williams, the NBC anchor, was placed on unpaid leave for six months after it was discovered that several of his reports have been misleading, most notably one involving a helicopter under attack.

David Carr, of the New York Times, and Bob Simon, a “60 Minutes” correspondent, met unexpected deaths which led their legions of fans to mourn the loss of two distinguished and significant American Read more

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