Hot Off The Press: Aggie Fest 2015

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In My Own Words: #DEARME

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In My Own Words: #Scandal

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Effort to End Food Desert Nears "Home Stretch"

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#ThrowbackThursday: Grammy's 2015

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Journalism Panelists Discuss Michael Brown Shooting

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Journalism Panelists Discuss Michael Brown Shooting

By Dominique Moody

Aggie Press Contributor

What is justice?

That question and others continue to be asked by many African Americans after the untimely murders of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and other young African-American males throughout the country.

And it was a question raised recently during a panel discussion, “Hands Up! Who’s Shooting: Media Coverage of the Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.” The discussion came during an Oct. 24 Town Hall Summit in the department of journalism and mass communication at N.C. A&T State University.

Linda Callahan, Michael Hewlett and Yasmine Regester discuss the media's coverage of the Michael Brown shooting.

Panelists, which included Yasmine Regester, a reporter for the Carolina Peacemaker, Linda Callahan, a journalism professor at A&T, and Michael Hewlett, a courts reporter for the Winston-Salem Journal, agreed that media coverage of the Michael Brown incident and similar shooting deaths of young black men throughout the country help shed light on a major problem in America. Media coverage also demands that the question of equal rights and justice be examined.

Callahan noted that justice can consist of many things.

“Justice is no one having special privileges, and everyone has an equal opportunity to be treated equally,” she said.

Yet, in today’s judicial system, African Americans reflect a disproportionate number of those who populate the courts and prisons. Such numbers lead to the question of  “white privilege” which may be why a police officer felt it was OK to gun down an unarmed black male two months ago in a predominantly black town outside St. Louis, Mo. Read more

Asheboro Halloween Is All About Fun

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Asheboro Halloween Is All About Fun

By Kathleen Mora

Aggie Press Guest Contributor

Asheboro, just south of Greensboro, N.C., is setting the final touches in its sixth annual “Trick-or-Treat at the Park” event.

Every year on Halloween, the towns’ recreation department plans a safe alternative for community families who enjoy trick-or-treating.

During this event, the department heads close down the downtown street in Asheboro, (Sunset Avenue) as well as the park right behind it.  The park area is used for outside businesses to set up booths and Halloween-inspired games. Area businesses also sponsor the event, and many participate by setting up booths outside their businesses to distribute candy and other goodies.

All the candy is free, of course.

“Many stores put their little spin on the event, for example the tattoo parlor gives out temporary tattoos for the children along with the candy,” said Jody Maness, head event coordinator.

Maness said that a former employee came up with the idea, and the turnout during the first year was more than expected.

“After that year, it has really taken off. Families really enjoy it,” said Maness. Read more

GHOE 2014 Recap: Aggie Tailgate Traditions

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Aggie Tailgate Traditions

By Kristen Shipley

Aggie Press Assistant Editor


A&T senior Shawn Waddell grills at the 2014 Homecoming tailgate

During the weekend of Oct. 24, it was the “Greatest Homecoming On Earth” at N.C. A&T where students, alumni, families and people of all ages indulged in homemade goods and socialized before the highly anticipated football game between A&T and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).

Behind the grill, tending to ribs and flipping burger patties, stood senior architectural engineering student Shawn Waddell, whose family has a long-standing tradition of tailgating.

“Every game I know where I’m at. I know this is where I reside: on the grill, or out there dancing, or just talking to some random person I don’t even know,” said Waddell, and he plans to carry on his family’s tailgating tradition after he graduates in May 2015.

The Waddell family tradition of tailgating started long before the term ‘tailgating’ was used.

“We used to tailgate out of our motor home years ago, and then when the school started tailgating we moved into what the school was doing,” said Waddell’s mother, Myra Waddell. “Before it was kind of haphazard, everyone just eating out of their trucks out of necessity because it was cheaper than eating inside the stadium.”

Unlike her husband and son who attended A&T for undergrad, Mrs. Waddell received her graduate’s degree from A&T, and it has become a family traditions of attending the N.C. historically black college university.

Greensboro native and A&T alumna Cassandra Nash Watkins added that families have been tailgating since the very beginning. Read more

Hot Off The Press: What is the Shmoney Dance?

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Taking a closer look at the ‘Shmoney’ dance

By Raven Davis

Aggie Press Contributor

Bobby Shmurda

Hip Hop artist Bobby Shmurda

The hit single “Hot Boy” by Hip Hop artist Bobby Shmurda and the popular “schmoney dance” has made its way to N.C. A&T. Take a look at students’ opinions about the content of Shmurda’s hit song. Do you know what “Hot Boy” is really about?

photo credit: Jambi Wish via flickr cc

The Disappointments Room

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The Disappointments Room

By Ashleigh Wilson

 Aggie Press Managing-Editor

Two downtown Greensboro buildings will be the scene of an upcoming horror movie starring Kate Beckinsale.

On Sunday, Oct. 19, in downtown Greensboro, the movie crew of the upcoming movie “The Disappointments Room” was hard at work modifying the facades of two buildings on South Elm Street. The crew was transforming the facades of 121 and 123 S. Elm St. for shooting on Monday, Oct. 20 to resemble New York brownstones.

121 S. Elm Street was the historic site of the W.C. Porter & Co. Drug Store which is noted for employing a young William Sidney Porter during the late 1800s, who would later become a famous short story writer.

According to the News & Record, DR Productions, this movie’s production company, plans to film Monday morning on the set. In the afternoon, the filming will then move to Greenhill Cemetery, and scenes will also be shot on Tuesday in front of 203 E. Murphy St., located in downtown Madison.

As Ashleigh Wilson reports, “The Disappointments Room” is anticipated to be released Fall 2015 and tells the story of what happens when a family unlocks an attic containing unimaginable horrors that reveal the house’s dark past.

Homecoming = Shop Til’ You Drop

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Homecoming:  Shop Til You Drop

By Taylor Young

Aggie Press Guest Contributor

Most Homecomings at historically black colleges have one thing in common: fashion

At North Carolina A&T State University, GHOE is the perfect time to look your best as you set out to catch up with both old and new friends, check out the pep-rally or step show, attend musical performances featuring the nation’s top hip hop, gospel and r&b soul artists, and of course, enjoy A&T’s homecoming football game or swing by the tailgates for some yummy food.

For some women, the process of getting ready for homecoming is an arduous process. From hair, lips, nails, shoes, to dresses, jeans and tops, homecoming means that you must have at least three or four days worth of these items which means: shopping, primping, more shopping and more primping.

But hey, isn’t it all worth it when the compliments start rolling in?

Aggie Pride!

Cold Steel is Cold Serious about GHOE

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Cold Steel is ‘Cold Serious’ about GHOE

By Doneisha Webster

Aggie Press Guest Contributor

Homecoming is a special time for college students everywhere, but at North Carolina A&T State University, homecoming is on another level.
The Greatest Homecoming on Earth (GHOE) is a time for the A&T Aggies, nationwide, to come together in Greensboro, N.C. Students, community members, families and friends all join in the week-long celebration filled with every activity imaginable.
Earlier in the week leading up to GHOE, freshman members of The Blue and Gold Marching Machine performed in front of Williams Dining Hall mid-day, providing the perfect pitch for students to get pumped up for Homecoming by dancing to the music.

Finding Mr. 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Pageant

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The search for Mr. 1913

By Malik McKinnon

Aggie Press Guest Contributor

Alpha Mu Delta Sigma Theta Pageant

The newly appointed kings stand next to their queens after surviving the stiff competition from the pageant. (Pictured from left to right: Evan White, Jelissa Morris, Lonnell Butler, Bria Campbell, Evan Attipoe, Patreika Whitehead, Joshua Powell and Lilliane Long)

The Alpha Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., on the campus of N.C. A&T, held its annual pageant in search of Mr. 1913. As Malik McKinnon reports, On Oct. 13, seven male contestants showcased their skills, talents, and public speaking abilities in hopes of topping the competition and being crowned king.

Each contestant reenacted a scene from a movie of their choice and demonstrated how they would show love to their queen. The show was also composed of several segments such as the description of one’s ideal date, a talent portion, a “Q&A” period, and the highly anticipated crowning ceremony.

Energetic co-hosts Ashley McCullough and Arnette Ward kept the audience engaged while the DJ played entertaining songs for the audience, including the infamous song “Knuck If You Buck,” by Crime Mob, where the Delta’s performed their signature stroll. Read more

Hot Off The Press: Meet Artaeza Poole-Gwynn

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Meet Artaeza Poole-Gwynn, Aggie Press Logo Designer

By Khadejah Bennett

Aggie Press Contributor

With the entrance of a new school year, The JOMC Journal at North Carolina A&T wanted to spice up things for the academic year.

The JOMC Journal officially changed its name to The Aggie Press (or AP for short), and since then, it has seen a major increase in contributor participation and audience engagement.

This online news publication held its first interest meeting mid-September, and students were asked to tweet their suggestions of a new name.

It was Kristen Shipley, a freshman journalism and mass communication student, who tweeted name “The Aggie Press,” and the AP staff and students loved the name.

The next step was to find a unique logo to match the new name, and that was the hard part, according to AP editors.

The AP held a logo design contest that was open to all students at A&T, and there were no restrictions in this competition. The AP received various logo designs that impressed many AP editors and contributors, but it could only select one design.

After careful consideration of logo submissions, the design submitted by Artaeza Poole-Gwynn, a senior graphic communications systems student, was

Artaeza Poole-Gwynn

Artaeza Poole-Gwynn, a senior graphic communications systems student

chosen. Gwynn also won a gift card as a token of appreciation from the AP, and she was very excited that her design was chosen.

Gwynn, a native of Burlington, N.C., enjoys drawing freehand designs in her spare time and creating graphics to enhance her hands-on experience. She stated that she has always been very passionate about art and using her creativity.

She not only designs logos, but also designs invitations, tickets, photos, and any other projects that need to be completed because Gwynn seeks to expand her skill set.

“I can remember creating as a child, and how I was always very particular about how I wanted my artwork to look,” said Gwynn.

Gwynn stated that she wanted to use her creativity to form visual depictions that communicated messages through image and text. Read more

New Talk Show “The Real” Inspires

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New Talk Show “The Real” Inspires

By Mariya Moseley

Aggie Press Contributor

The cast of The Real

Via @therealdaytime: So much sass, yet so much class from #TheReal hosts as they show off their #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Among the new daytime television talk shows, “The Real” turns traditional talk shows on their heads.

This vibrant show features five bold and diverse hosts–comedian Loni Love, reality star and singer Tamar Braxton, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, singer and actress Adrienne Bailon, and stylist Jeannie Mai. Each sassy host brings unique perspectives on topics ranging from the latest trending news to beauty, fashion, and relationships.

"The Real" Tap Out Segment

Via @therealdaytime: @tameramowry two discusses Unique Baby Names during the #TapOut Segment on #TheReal.

Unlike other talk shows, each co-host invites the audience into their lives by sharing life experiences including motherhood, new marriages, dating, and other relatable tribulations that modern women endure.

The New York Post describes the hosts as “fun, funny, involved in life, outrageous by nature, warm and, most of all, real — which is why the show is called “The Real.” This shows includes numerous fun segments, including one called, “Tap-Out,” that consists of each panelist discussing a worn-out trend.

Bailon’s interesting “Tap-Out” during the premiere episode was the overused word “YOLO” (an acronym for “you only live once). She enthusiastically discussed this word, while reviewing how people should take ownership of their actions, rather than using this word as an excuse.

Bangs Segment of "The Real"

Via @therealdaytime: @thejeanniemai and @adrienne_bailon change things up with bangs and have lots of fun doing so!

Earlier, in this same episode in mid September, Mai, Mowry, and Bailon suggested a solution to women who want bangs but are afraid of the time it takes for hair regrowth. This interesting segment was titled “Bang Bang! Finding the Perfect Fringe for Your Face!”After discussing their love for bangs, all three hosts took off their clip-on bangs, which were provided by Kimble Hair Care. This raw stunt proved the “realness” of this show as well as the convenience of hair extensions. Read more