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A Look Back: Family And Friends Weekend 2014

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A Look Back: Family and Friends Weekend 2014

By Sakenha Polk

Aggie Press Contributor


Black Beauty Artist

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Black Beauty Artist Interview with Michael C. Hillard

By Khadejah Bennett

Aggie Press Contributor

In the College of Arts & Sciences at North Carolina A&T, many college students at proudly enjoy utilizing their talents in the various concentrations of art, theatre, fashion designing, and even writing. One student took a big step with his talent and held his first art gallery on a Friday, early in October, which was located in Dudley Hall.

Michael C. Hilliard, a N.C. based artist, primarily works with photography, sculpture, and painting with a focus on illustrations of African American Women.

Through Hilliard’s paintings, he attempts to make the African American female more relevant and popular in contemporary art.

According to Hilliard, throughout history, Black women have been subject to abuse, oppression, segregation, and the perception of inferiority to the opposite sex, rather than viewed as the “Mother of civilization” whom all life comes from.

Hilliard states that while some people refer to Black women as “wife, mother, sister, and warrior,” they are still historically mistreated.

Michael Hilliard's Mother Earth

Mother Earth is one of Hilliard's favorite illustrations where he depicts African American woman as Gods. The face of “Mother Earth” is inspired by Erykah Badu’s second album cover.

His work, “Black Beauty,” is meant to demonstrate and express the beauty in black women, and other pieces created by Hilliard express his appreciation of African American women as an African American male.

Originally, Hilliard had attended college to study business until he discovered his passion for art. He took an art class but did not do as well due to the lack of effort in his work.

About a year ago, Hilliard started to pursue his skill by practicing and working harder than the norm. He stated that he gets all of his inspiration from the women in his family and gave a special recognition to his mother, to whom he looks up to the most.

“It’s not really a celebrity thing, I actually look up to my Aunts that are doctors, lawyers, and business women,” said Hilliard. “I look up to women who empower themselves to go get what they want, so I know [that] if they can do it, then all women should be able to do it.”

Family, friends, and strangers traveled to show up at Hilliard’s first art show on a Friday night. It took this artist five months to prepare for this art show, and Hilliard believes that it was a success.

His family could not stress enough about how proud they were of Hilliard and his accomplishments.


Michael C. Hilliard is a student artist on the rise at NC A&T, and this young artist focuses on the illustrations of African American Women. As Khadejah reports,  Hillard held his first art gallery show in Dudley Hall where she met with both family and friends who were excited about this accomplishment.

I Am Malala: Life Lessons

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Updated 10:32 p.m. Oct. 10, 2014

It was announced today that Malala Yousafzai is the latest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize alongside the Indian child rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala’s Life Lessons

By Kayla Jackson

Aggie Press Contributor

Several  students recently  gathered into Harrison auditorium at N.C. A&T Student University for this year’s Text-in-Reading selection, “I am Malala.” Guest speaker, Shiza Shahid, CEO and one of three co-founders of the Malala fund, led a discussion about the book and its author, Malala Yousafzai.

In 2012, Malala Yousafzai made headlines after the Taliban tried to assassinate her in 2012. The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist group whoseMalala Yousafzai views include denial of education to women.

A 2012 UNESCO report found that 3.05 million girls in Pakistan do not attend school, compared to 780,465 girls who do not attend schools in the U.S.

Yousafzai’s assassination was a result of her avocation of girl’s education.  Yousafzai was just 15 years old when a gunmen shot her in the back of a school bus on her way home from school.

Yousafzai was a blogger for the BBC, which later became a New York Times documentary.  In the book, she describes her “beautiful” homeland, a stark contrast to many of the challenges Pakistani women face.

For her work, Yousafzai won the first National Youth Peace Prize for Pakistan and attended many events that advocated girl’s education with her father. Yousafzai’s shooting sparked a worldwide movement. A Right to Education petition was created and signed by 2 million people and led Pakistan to ratify its first right to education bill.

Shahid met Yousafzai in 2009 after learning about the teen’s education campaign through her blogging and together they founded the Malala fund.

The Malala Fund is a New York-based non-profit organization. It was co-founded by Malala Yousafzai, Ziauddiin Yousafzai, and Shiza Shahid a year after the shooting.

Some of the organization’s goals include empowering girls through education, eliminating the cycle of poverty, and advocating girls’ issues globally.

The A&T program kicked off with a series of presentations that were followed by questions from students in the audience.

One male student asked how men could help fight for women‘s issues. Shahid advised him to stand up for women.

Issues concerning Pakistan, education, and women’s access to education were also discussed during the program.

Colton Alexander, a freshman animal science student who was required to read the book, said in an Orgsync comment that he and many others often take their education for granted. Many students voiced their opinion on this subject matter.

“As an American, I have been fortunate enough to be raised in a nurturing environment in which education is not only a right, but in some cases, a mandate,” Alexander said. “When we get an insider’s perspective as we do with Malala’s story, we see the war others wage to fight for this simple right.”

Bri Drakeford, a freshman biomedical engineer also talked about her experience in reading the book regarding her view on education.

“Malala has showed me how truly blessed we are,” said Drakeford. “She worked so hard to get education for girls in her country. Why should I waste the chance that I have to further mine?”

Upcoming Text In Community Events at NCA&T

October 15 @ 5 pm School of Technology, Smith Hall Room 2014
October 30 @ 3 pm Honors Program, 101 ACB
November 14 @ 10 am School of Nursing, Noble Hall Room  308
November 18 @ 5 pm School of Education, Proctor Hall Room 160
November 19 @ 2 pm College of Arts & Sciences, GCB A-218

To learn more, visit


photo credit: EPP Group in the European Parliament (Official) via photopin cc

photo credit: Mike Rastiello via flickr cc

Raven-Symone Calls Out Troubled Child Stars: ‘That’s Your Fault Boo Boo’

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Raven-Symone Calls Out Troubled Child Stars:

‘That’s Your Fault Boo Boo’

By Aleigha Hamilton

Aggie Press Contributor


Where is Raven-Symoné?  Apparently, living her life privately and throwing shade on fellow child stars who are not doing the same.

The former child star, 28, and her vibrant multicolored hair sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now?  During the interview she gave a candid response while indirectly calling out fellow child stars like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes on their negative tabloid attention.

When asked how she managed to stay out of the tabloids, Raven simply replied it all comes down to her parents.  “My parents taught me to keep my private life private to the best of my ability.”

She continued, “They showed me all the role models out there that I could turn into and what I want for myself in the future.”

She went on to blame troubled child stars for putting their lives in the center of the media, making themselves an easy target for bad press.  “It’s unnecessary to go to the most popular restaurant in the world when you have a scandal on your head and then get mad that someone’s going to take a picture of you,”  Raven expressed.  In other words, she respectively said, “That’s your fault boo boo, stay in the house.”

Raven is no stranger when it comes to speaking her mind pertaining to her private life, especially when it comes to her sexual orientation.

Back in 2012, she released a tweet stating, she doesn’t publicly display her life.  “My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m datings to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life,” she tweeted.

During that same year she made a tweet on keeping her private and business life separate, “I am a light being made from love. And my career is the only thing I would like to put on display, not my personal life. Kisses!”

This woman truly knows how to keep her private life private and her business life strictly business, and fans shouldn’t expect that to ever change.

Raven’s full interview with Oprah will air Sunday, Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

To read the original article, visit

Fall Lip Colors

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Fall Lip Colors

Add these deep lip colors to spice up your fall wardrobe!

Fall Lip Colors

By Kira C. Anderson

Aggie Press Fashion Editor

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to fall, you notice that you might want to pull out those sweaters and boots. Not only can you switch out your summer shorts for your winter leggings, but you can also switch up your makeup. For many women, makeup is one of the best ways to express their personal style, and coordinating your look with the season is a great way to complete an outfit. Fall is famous for deep hues and statement colors, so why not switch up your summer pink for a fall, vampy purple, an oxblood red, or a natural nude!

Vampy Dark Purple Lip Color

MAC's "Rebel"


1. “Vampy Dark Purple”

A deep purple brings a little bit of edge to your outfit; it’s bold and makes a statement. You can go for this color pictured (MAC’s “Rebel”) or try a darker purple. Try Kat Von D “Homegirl” to really vamp it up!



2. “Oxblood Burgundy”

Oxblood Burgundy Lip Color

MAC's "Dubonnet"


Oxblood or burgundy is one of the best fall colors. It looks good on clothing but even better on the lips.

Pictured is MAC’s “Dubonnet,” but if you want a more vibrant color, try MAC’s “Diva” or Revlon’s “Cherry Bomb.”




3. “Natural Nude”

Natural Nude Lip ColorIf dark lips are not your style, try a very wearable nude. Nudes look good on everyone; you just need to find the best nude that matches your skin tone. For lighter complexions, try MAC’s “Velvet Teddy,” Rimmel Lipstick’s “Nude Delight,” or MAC’s “Creme D’Nude.” For medium-brown complexions, try either MAC’s “Freckletone,” MAC’s “Half N’ Half” or Wet N’ Wild’a “Bare It All.” For darker complexions, try MAC’s “Taupe,” MAC’s “Fresh Brew,” or Maybelline’s Color Sensational “Totally Toffee.”


Whether keeping it simple or going all out, fall is the perfect time to switch things up, and these are the perfect examples of the variety of colors that fall has to offer. These lip colors can suit anyone and give your wardrobe a fresh look, so that you can feel fabulous in the fall season.

A&T Greeks Promote Police Brutality Awareness

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A&T Greeks Promote Police Brutality Awareness

By Kaleema Williams

Aggie Press Advertising Manager

North Carolina A&T State University’s National Pan-Hellenic Council hosted “S.O.S. Stop the Violence, Only We Can Save Ourselves,” mid-September in Harrison Auditorium, in order to raise police brutality awareness among students and the Greensboro community.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) made a presentation that mentioned John Crawford III, Eric Garner, Sean Bell and other individuals that were affected by police brutality. The goal of the program was to ensure that minorities understand the law and how to conduct themselves when dealing with police.

The NPHC addressed laws that have been used in reports of police brutality such as “Stand Your Ground” laws, First Amendment Rights, and domestic violence laws.

Referencing numerous statistics about police brutality, the NPHC mentioned that N.C. already has implemented a “Stand Your Ground” law. However, African Americans suffer over five times more non-fatal injures due to police brutality when compared to other ethic groups, and men are three times more likely to submit a police complaint than women.

The NPHC’s presentation mentioned other acts and regulations that help combat police brutality and also highlighted the historic Police Service Administration Act of 1990, which distinguishes how police officers are to conduct themselves during an arrest or when trying to control a possible hostile situation.

“With all these acts and regulations to make sure that police officers are serving and protecting the public, why are there still so many cases of police brutality?” asked one A&T student.

The program continued with an interactive case scenario where the audience selected the best choice and Detective Marty Tillery, one of the panelists representing A&T’s University Police Department, shared the best way to handle each case effectively.

Guest Panelists at Police A&T Event

(In photo left-to-right) NC A&T Professor Aaron West, Austin Grier, and Detective Marty Tillery were guest speaker panelists for the event

Austin Grier, a graduate student, and Professor Aaron West, representing A&T’s English Department, were also apart of the panel discussion. Racism in police activity, the incorporation of military equipment in protesting, and methods towards breaking the dislike of police officers by minority groups were topics also covered in the discussion.

“People can’t identify with certain police officers because they come from different living conditions or lifestyles than the people who live in the areas they are patrolling,” said Grier who commented about the stigma between minorities and police. “It’s not like being able to identify with your next door neighbor that is a police officer. These are outsiders who don’t know what it’s like to live in these neighborhoods.”

This program also encouraged students to get involved in their communities, make the effort to educate themselves about the law when dealing with police situations, and most importantly, to vote and make their voices heard within the community.

According to the NPHC, it is very important to know these laws because it has been shown that many people, within the ages of 18-24, do not know their rights when confronting police.

Had these individuals known their rights, perhaps some of these police brutality cases could have been avoided.

To learn more about the National Pan-Hellenic Council, visit

Aggies All In for Season Opener

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By Reginald Ward

Aggie Press Contributor

Fall Forward Fashion

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Fall Forward Fashion

By Camryn Baron

Aggie Press Fashion Editor

Bring out your Timberlands, knits and tube socks because fall has arrived.

While some fashionistas may not be ready to let go of summer fashions, there is a way to mix those sunny day items for cooler rays of fall.

Ladies, not ready to give up those high-waist shorts yet? Well you are in luck. Simply throw on some chic black fishnet stockings under your shorts to give yourself that fashionable fall look. Feel free to even layer it with sexy scarf in an earth tone vibe. Make sure your shorts are not too short (exposing any part of your bottom). This can make your look confusing and risqué.

Men’s fashion differs from women’s simply because have more choices.  Don’t worry, this poses no problem. A fall fashion “must” for men this fall is having nice dress socks and dress shoes available. “You don’t want to have to wear boating shoes to every event,” as senior Journalism of Mass Communications student, Christopher Greene, puts it. Wearing basketball socks with dress shoes is an absolute fashion “don’t.” You always want your business/dress attire to be as professional as possible. One of the first thing women notice about your appearance is your shoes. Do not let something as small as your socks weaken an (professional) opportunity.

Men, a fashion tip (for all ages) that must stop is sagging pants, which can be highly offensive to others. In some states sagging is illegal. For example, Ocala, Fla. has banned citizens from wearing sagging pants (two inches below the waist).

A fashion tip for both genders is “consider every environment you will come in contact with throughout the day when getting dressed.” For example, even though the first thing you may be doing for the day is hanging out with your friends, you do not want to put on socks with marijuana leaves on them if there is a possibility you may see someone who can strengthen your future. It can be someone as simple as a professor. Though you may be an incredible student they would not be comfortable giving you a position of power if your wardrobe is often controversial.

The most important fashion tip for anyone is…”be yourself.”  You never want to copy someone’s exactly style because it will not separate you for the crowd and a not all fashions fit everyone.


Fashion Trends

By Brandi Bledsoe

Despite the humid weather in these early days of fall, many A&T students have incorporated new and old fashion trends into their wardrobes.

A&T women can count on stylish trends such as floral print, high-waist vintage shorts and crop tops, which seem to be foolproof staples in their wardrobes. These simple pieces give a sendoff to summer with their refreshing, carefree style. Another campus fashion trend is the combining new and old clothing pieces to create unique styles. Styles such as the high waist pant or shorts worn by many women students can be found at thrift stores for prices as low as $5.  The mix of new and old trends is not only fashionable,  but is also easy on college student pockets. Both the men and the women of A&T take advantage of this trend.

As for head pieces, an item of choice this semester is the sunhat. Paired up with a fun, flirty maxi dress or romper, A&T women show that the heat will not sacrifice their style. Another head piece that is popular this season is the floral head band. Several of female students have been seen sporting this piece. It definitely gives off a summer vibe.

Just like the women on campus, the summer heat provides inspiration for male students. The mixing of colorful prints has become a quite noticeable trend on A&T’s campus among the male students. Combining colorful, printed T-shirts and different printed socks with a similar color scheme may appear difficult, but A&T’s men seem to have it all under control.

Another observation about the men on campus is their attraction to enjoy the bucket hat on really hot days. It is a nice alternative to the well-worn snapback hat. The bucket hat is a simple soft cloth hat with a brim that is not only shields the sun from the eyes but it is a piece that can top off a casual look.

Here on A&T’s campus, it is interesting to see new Fall styles. As students get further into the semester, styles start to switch up as the weather starts to change. Slowly, but surely, temperatures will start cool down and precipitation will be considered before stepping outside.

Scandal is Back. So Is Viola Davis

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By Kristen Shipley

Aggie Press Assistant Editor

What could be better than Shonda Rhimes at primetime? Shondalicious Thursdays are back! Sept. 25 viewers reunited with Olivia Pope of Scandal and met law professor Annalise Keating in the new series How to Get Away With Murder.

Season 4 of Scandal begins with Pope soaking up the sun with Captain Jake Ballard on the remote island beach 100 miles away from the coast of Zanzibar. When receiving a shipment of her favorite wine, Pope also receives a letter addressed to her new identity, Julia Baker, with a clipping about the death of Harrison, a fellow Gladiator and one of her former associates. Pope immediately catches a flight back to D.C. to plan her friend’s funeral, saying her stay will be temporary. But, Pope finds that the draw of her work and friendships force her to stay back in D.C., for good.

In the first five minutes of How to Get Away With Murder, created by one of Rhime’s writers Pete Nowalk, viewers witness the cover up of a murder. We meet five students in Professor Annalise Keating’s first semester law class, which she calls How to Get Away With Murder, who earn spots working on her team, solving cases and discovering evidence. Coincidentally (or not), these are the same students we see in the beginning of the series covering the murder. Prof. Keating keeps secrets of her own, as do the students she works for. The constant flashbacks and sense of mystery will be sure to keep viewers guessing.

There are a few common themes evident throughout both series:

Cheating: Everyone knows about Scandal’s Olivia Pope’s infamous relationship with the president as his mistress, which complicates the plot as the president claims he wants to commit to Pope and leave his wife. Yet, he is still married to his wife and Pope goes back and forth with wanting him to leave. In How to Get Away With Murder, viewers see Annalise Keating fooling around with a detective who she later calls to the witness stand where he lies under oath. Although Keating is married, her cheating does not seem to be a one-time thing.

Loyalty: Both Pope and Keating have a faithful and committed team behind them that keeps their secrets and helps them accomplish tasks. Loyalty is important in both series because if one person falters and exposes confidential information, then the whole team could be in big legal trouble. Though Pope’s team starts off the season separated, they all end up back in the Pope and Associates Office ready to be Gladiators again.

Justice: Told from different perspectives, Keating and Pope have their own ideas of what justice is. Keating believes that justice does not necessarily exist, at least in the realm that most people believe. Keating is in the business of winning cases. On the contrary, Pope always says that her and her team wear the ‘white hat,’ as they try to do the right thing, even if it means they may have to lie, cheat or steal to get there.

Fearlessness: Always willing to take chances, and demand what they want, Pope and Keating are fearless. Not to be mistaken for anger, both of these ladies know what they want and are not afraid to get it, regardless of what it takes.

Both shows air on Thursdays on ABC starting with Scandal at 9 p.m. and followed by How to Get Away With Murder at 10 p.m.





Food Trucks Deliver Delights

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Food Trucks Deliver Delights

By Aleigha Hamilton

Aggie Press Contributor

A&T students are well into their fall semester, but there is a huge piece missing from Aggieland – the Student Union.

The union was considered “home” for students.  It was where many students ate, studied, and began their involvement in the various student organizations offered on the campus of North Carolina A&T.

With the closing of the Memorial Student Union, A&T has supplemented this loss by providing several food trucks that students seem to enjoy patronizing.

A group of freshmen discussed the benefits of food trucks on campus and concluded that is a positive aspect.
Social Work student Nana Opoku described the food trucks as “convenient” and “reliable” and a great addition because of the options they offer. Opoku also said that the downfall of these trucks is that the lines can get extremely long in between classes or after the cafeteria closes.

Read more